There’s one simple move that can instantly improve how you’re moving while helping you look and feel better, too. In fact, it’s so simple that it’s widely neglected. It requires no special gear. And you can do it standing or sitting just about anywhere.

The secret is…Lift your chest.     

Stand up straight and really lift that chest, so your shoulder blades come together behind you, your shoulders are pulled back, and your arms are hanging loosely by your sides. No leaning back! Your feet should be at about hip width and pointing straight ahead.

A whole-body realignment  

Notice what happens right away:

Your gluteal, thigh, and calf muscles tighten, and your tummy flattens. In fact, your entire core engages.

Your back moves toward its natural, S-curved shape, and your whole body is more aligned.

Your hips open, and your pelvis is appropriately aligned and “tucked,” rather than tilting forward.

Your chest cavity opens, too, giving your lungs room to inflate more fully.

You stand measurably taller, gaining as much as an inch or more in height.

Make it a habit

Now try to keep your chest lifted as you walk or move. If you tend to carry your head forward, think about keeping your neck back and your chin up, so you’re looking straight ahead (imagine an invisible string that is pulling you up from the ceiling through your spine, neck and head).

This is what good posture looks like! Learn how to “stand proud,” and you’ll engage those important core muscles a lot more often. Make it a habit, and you will be less likely to stress your knees, hips, back, or shoulders while lifting or turning. You’ll also feel stronger, more confident, and more in command. So if you want to be fit, “just move”—and lift that chest while doing it.

Image: Havey Productions