Mother’s Day is a perfect occasion let your mom or mother-in-law know you want her to be healthy, happy, and vigorous for years to come. If she’s not already doing something to stay fit, it’s not too late—and you can help! Joining her in a walk, a stretch, or a workout is a great way to celebrate the holiday. You can also encourage her to take steps toward a well-rounded fitness program, keeping a few basic principles in mind.

1) Getting or staying fit doesn’t have to be arduous. Regular, moderate exercise goes a long way toward reducing risks of injury or chronic disease. The keys are consistency and finding activities Mom might enjoy. If they include socializing, so much the better! A class at the local community center or Y could be just the ticket.

2) Doing something for balance is critical.  One in three people over 65 suffers a fall each year, and your mother may not realize that a lack of core strength can lead to a tumble. Encourage her to do core exercises like the plank, rather than crunches or sit-ups, which can strain necks or backs. She could also try simple balance-boosters like standing on one foot for 20 seconds or walking heel to toe.

3) Building strength is more important than many women think.  Loss of lean muscle mass accelerates with age, leaving older moms more vulnerable to injuries, falls, and osteoporosis. You can help yours by showing her bodyweight exercises she can work up to gradually (see my earlier post on this topic). You could also gift her with a set of resistance bands, some light dumbbells, or some sessions with a knowledgeable trainer.  

4) Regular stretching can be life-changing. Bad backs, throbbing knees, painful necks and shoulders—so many everyday aches and pains trace back to the tightness and stiffness that come with age. Stress and too much sitting only make it worse. Gentle stretching can ease pain and stiffness while helping Mom stay mobile and avoid falls, too. Stretching is also a great way to ease into a fitness program.

5) The most important message: Just Move! Most of us slow down a bit with age, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the more science learns about aging, the more we understand the physical and mental health risks of being sedentary. Remind Mom that she deserves to spend time taking care of herself. After years of filling multiple roles, she’s earned it!

Images: (top) Galina Barskaya/Fotolia/Adobe Stock; kali9/iStockphoto