Want to Become More Fit? We’re Here to Help

Welcome to the new Just Move! blog, dedicated to helping people live better and longer by making fitness a way of life.

Between publication of Just Move! in fall – thank you, National Geographic – and the rounds of speaking gigs and media interviews I’ve been doing around the country, it’s been quite a year. Learning that The Wall Street Journal named the book one of the year’s top five on healthy aging was a fantastic bonus. Best of all was hearing from the many readers who say Just Move! has inspired them to get more active and functionally fit.

Now it’s time to look forward. Whether you want to start a new shape-up program, get more results from what you’re already doing, or add some fun and variety to your program, you can make 2018 your year of fitness.

The Just Move! blog will reinforce those New Year’s resolutions with practical tips and insights from the experts, liberally seasoned with dashes of fun and inspiration. It’s all about being empowered, feeling great and enjoying life at every age! The blog will be a place for short items that are easy to digest and act upon in your own life. We’ll also continue to publish longer interviews and articles on our website’s Explore and Spotlight pages.

What will you do to become an even better version of yourself in 2018? We’re here to help you gear up for a new year, and a new you.